Todd Eichel — Clients

I have a huge depth of experience working with a number of high-profile, venture-backed startups in San Francisco.

I came on board to help CircleCI finish an in-flight project to extract their public website,, from the internal app that serves their core product. Decoupling the pubic-facing static site from the customer-facing web application allowed the marketing team to iterate faster on landing pages and freed up the engineering team to focus their energy on core product feature development.

We implemented a large Jekyll installation (~250 pages), including full migration of their previous managed WordPress blog. Along the way we built out numerous new or redesigned site pages, audited existing code and standardized the site layout, and documented it all for future developers with a thorough style guide including component examples and code samples.

Ruby, Javascript, Jekyll, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

“I worked closely with Todd for several months as he helped us migrate and overhaul our front end platform. Todd fit right in with our team and had an immediate impact. Not only was Todd's work top-notch, but he also worked quickly and efficiently. He helped build a platform that would set us up for future success and always provided us great ideas and best practices for the design and structure of our site. Todd is very easy to work with and was extremely professional to deal with. I would highly recommend Todd and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Michael Stearns, CircleCI

I joined Remind for an 8-month engagement to augment their growth team during a busy time. Remind makes a messaging app for teachers to keep in touch with students and parents safely and easily. With 35 million users and 2 billion messages handled to date, they have serious scale.

I worked on a variety of growth-oriented product features (A/B testing, strategic email engagement), mostly in Rails and Angular, with some Node mixed in.

Ruby on Rails, Angular, Node, HTML/CSS

I joined Leap Motion in the run-up to their big initial product launch, joining a nascent web team (4th member) that later grew to 12+. Our main task was building Airspace, the company’s app store for motion-compatible apps. On launch day, the company shipped over 100,000 devices all over the world. Airspace saw over 1 million app downloads in its first 3 weeks.

Towards the end of the 10-month engagement, I spent most of my time interviewing and onboarding the full-time employees that would take over the projects and replace the team of consultants.

Ruby on Rails, Backbone, HTML/CSS

“Todd was one of my most reliable and high integrity developers at Leap Motion, and I know he can deliver high quality on a deadline. I have great respect for Todd’s ability to think like a long term owner even on short-term engagements.”

Penny Campbell, Leap Motion

I worked at TaskRabbit as a full-stack software engineer for 1.5 years, working on a wide variety of product features in Rails and Javascript.

One of the projects I'm most proud of was a hack day project for ordering on-demand In-N-Out delivery. The project got a ton of press coverage and set new records in the company's business metrics.

Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS